Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Cold...

Hello Everyone, Yoshi Mane here telling it how it is. And as a few of you may know, I'm out here in Chicago Illinois, and it's getting cold. I know this happens every year for the past couple THOUSANDS of years, but it never gets old, People we have to get ready for the winter, as halloween approaches, it will soon be November, my birthday month, which also goes by quick and before you know it, there's snow on the ground...

So Lets stay warm with some new, Fall and Winter clothes from one of my favorite websites CCS is a skate team/ skate shop with hilarious T-shirts, the newest nike sb and vans shoes, and a huge variety of clothing. Check it out, it's cheap and they always have some type of sale you can take advantage of.
And Get Ready for indoor skating..!


  1. nice video i used to skate.
    f5'd about 20 times