Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stay Gold readers

Quick Hype

 Young Skateboarder; Nyjah Huston.
Shane O'Neill; Backside Overcrook grind.

And if you aren't all hyped up to skate just yet, watch this video of Dennis Busenitz at the Tamp Pro 2011..

Summer Skate Check

It's almost June ladies and gentlemen, I'm back to blogging and showing you the hookups. Swag up on Tisa snap backs and other gear at and don't forget to check out one of my favorite online sites for skateboards, and skate related gear And above is a video you MUST SEE by madchatthews who is a local Chicago skateboarder/ filmer. This is Andy Patterson's part in Bummer. You can order the entire video which includes skaters such as Thomas Hawver, Nick Merisko, and Erik Lundquist with Extras and bonus clips for days.

You can order this video at