Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Clothing... Fall Skating

As all skateboarders out there who have been skating throughout the seasons know, Fall time is prime time when it comes to skating! When you're not drenched in sweat because of summer's heat and you aren't worried about rain or freezing your dick off in the winter.... Skateboarding involves a sense of comfortability and mindset, dress in comfortable clothes and you will be ready to learn any trick in the fall time.

http://shop.ccs.com/searchresults/keyword:sale/?cm=57831 Here's a
GREAT site for cheap clothes, and skate gear. Highly recommended, check out any part of this site. Often times they will start sending you free catalogs... Happy Skating,


  1. OMG! Do they ship to FINLAND?
    The clothes are dope! Tight jeans ftw! Vans ftw! :'D

    Thanks for sharing that site (:
    They really are cheap!

  2. No problem, their warehouse is in america, but I'm sure they can ship to Finland :)